My name is Emily Saenz - like "signs" if you were finding it tricky. (Most people do!)



I think of it likE A REMINDER TO MYSELF: "Emily, Illuminate. Be light. Shine light. Illuminate others' stories."

Photographs have always served as a reminder to me of milestones, memories, and connections. They exist as a spotlight on things like my 6th birthday at McDonald's, the start of an internship with Lauren Scotti, my long-awaited trip to Japan and my wedding day. I want to provide you with photographs that do the same: that illuminate meaningful moments and significant seasons in your life.


Growing up, I always took multiple disposable cameras to camp and would beg to have the pictures developed right when I got home. From very early on, I had this obsession with making & capturing memories. I've always loved having a camera with me, long before i realized not everyone made sure they had one at all times. (Long before everyone we had cameras on iphones.)

With the eye-opening insights of Shannon Leith, I learned early on in my photo-taking journey that no matter what camera you hold in your hands - or if you're holding one at all - we've all been given eyes to see the beautiful world out there. Seeing is what it’s all about. 

I want to be someone who sees. who sees beauty. who sees people. who sees light. with eyes wide open, I want to keep falling more in love with life, and I want to capture what I see in the world around me. 

I'm passionate about documenting life as authentically as possible and a firm believer that photos help us appreciate the life we've been given. I've heard it said, “We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”

i believe there are important stories to be told everywhere. and while there are notable occassions we all have agreed are the big ones, i love capturing the everyday as well. So whether it's your wedding you want captured or a random tuesday with your family, i'm game.



I'm into my loving & quirky husband, my family, ALMOND MILK LATTES, FRIENDLY BARISTAS, WRITING, the rain, POPCORN, NEW YORK, MOUNTAIN VIEW CHURCH, musicals (Hamilton & DEAR EVAN HANSEN IN PARTICULAR), CHIPS & SALSA, good harmonies, collecting mugs, driving, ORDERING EXTRA ginger AT SUSHI RESTAURANTS, being in coffee shops, chasing the sunset, meeting new people, wearing stripes, and being in airports.